Preventing occupational injuries of any kind is a top priority of EVRAZ’s OHS management system. We constantly monitor parameters such as LTIFR, the number of fatalities and other injury types in order to ascertain the main risk categories and to develop appropriate measures.

The lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) is a strategic KPI for EVRAZ. We have set a target indicator for 2021 and use a holistic approach to achieving an LTIFR value of less than one point. Target KPIs are cascaded down throughout the Group in individual management performance scorecards.

In 2018, EVRAZ achieved an LTIFR of 1.91, which excludes fatalities, comparable to the LTIFR of 1.90 recorded in 2017. A significant LTIFR improvement was recorded in the Coal segment, which saw a 16.4% year-on-year reduction in 2018. No other EVRAZ segments recorded a LTIFR improvement in 2018. We expect to improve LTIFR rates in future periods by enhancing our focus on learning from past incidents, integrating associated best practices across the Group and implementing HSE initiatives and programmes. EVRAZ makes constant efforts to enhance our reporting system and, in this regard, implements new standard operating procedures, improves the corporate safety behaviour of employees and contractors and continually develops the occupational safety risk assessment methodology.

Injury rates, per 1 million hours (excl. contractors), 2016–2018

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