Hazard identification and emergency risk evaluation procedures are regulated by the Provision on the EVRAZ Industrial Safety Management System, which comprises a number of procedures and documents that are used to prevent an emergency rather than deal with emergency responses. Each enterprise is assigned a hazard class. Potential emergency scenarios are developed, and estimates made as to how likely it is that they will occur, and the most hazardous zones are identified.

EVRAZ is constantly upgrading the documentation base in this area in order to boost the effectiveness of emergency responses. In 2018, the corporate document Instruction on Emergency Procedures was released, which must be applied to all Group companies.

If an emergency arises, the emergency warning system is activated to inform local residents and authorities through the emergency rescue services, such as the Miner Rescue Centre, in accordance with agreements signed with EVRAZ. First aid, transfer services and respective treatment are provided to any injured individuals.

See more in the “Emergency prevention and response” section of the Sustainability Report 2018.