The Group continues to integrate our contractors into the EVRAZ HSE management system. These efforts include increasing contractors’ accountability for HSE performance. Work with contactors is regulated by the Standard on HSE Contractor Management and consists of a four-stage procedure.

Standard on HSE Contractor Management

Step one
Step two
Step three
Step four

In addition to these four procedures, contractors take part in practical EVRAZ training sessions. Contractors cannot be exposed to hazardous work until their practical skills and knowledge have been assessed. Contractors are obliged by Russian legislation to complete OHS training. EVRAZ checks the learning protocols of all contractors before they start work. EVRAZ ZSMK also conducts training for contractors using specialised simulators and tests. Training methods are based on identified risks, task-specific safe work practices and established contractor-engagement and health regulations.

See more in the “External OHS activities” section of the Sustainability Report 2018.