The number of EVRAZ employees reached 68,379 in 2018. Compared to 2017, the Group saw an almost 1% increase in headcount.

The data for 2016-2018 exclude EVRAZ DMZ and assets in Ukraine divested in 2018.
Number of employees as of 31 December 2016–2018, people
Number of employees, 31 December 2018, broken down by segments, people

See more in the “Personnel structure section” of the Sustainability Report 2018.

For EVRAZ, diversity is one of the most important factors in business development. Therefore, the Group ensures the equal protection of all employees’ rights, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, age or sexual orientation.

The EVRAZ Code of Conduct establishes a culture of non-discrimination, so that every employee has the opportunity to contribute to our results and to realise their abilities and potential. All employees and applicants are assessed according to their professional skills and qualities, experience and abilities. Decisions made on grounds unrelated to an individual’s job performance (for example, a person’s race, ethnic origin, sex, religion, political views, nationality, age, sexual orientation, citizenship status, marital status or disability) are discriminatory and prohibited by law and by the principles that prevail in the Group. Child labour, bonded labour, human trafficking and other forms of slavery (known as “modern slavery”) are strictly prohibited at all EVRAZ enterprises and their suppliers.

We are committed to acting ethically and, in so far as we can reasonably do so, to requiring that our suppliers run their businesses within the same ethical framework.

The ratio of men to women among the number of employees and senior management was unchanged compared to the previous year. The low percentage of women in the structure of employees is due to legislative restrictions related to women working in hazardous industries.

This group comprises the CEO, Vice-Presidents, directors of production division departments and the directors of all other functions.
Diversity of employees in 2018 by gender, broken down by senior management and employees, %

See more in the “Personnel structure section” of the Sustainability Report 2018.