The issue of creating decent and favourable working conditions for employees is an important part of EVRAZ's HR strategy. In order to achieve this, we pay special attention to the motivation of employees — both financial and non-financial.

EVRAZ offers our employees competitive wages. The Group seeks to provide employees with a level of remuneration at or higher than mid-market values. At the same time, the level of wages of employees who work under fixed-term contracts does not differ from the level of wages of employees working under permanent contracts. Exceptions are university students who complete internships at EVRAZ, as well as employees who work part-time — they do not receive annual bonuses or vacation travel vouchers.

Average wage ratio, EVRAZ vs regions where the Group operates (Russia), 2018

In 2018, we continued to work on shifting from a varied payment system in our companies to a unified payment system across the Group. Top management approved a project to develop a target payment system at EVRAZ that will be the same for all companies. Hence, we will launch a two-year project in 2019 to complete changes to the EVRAZ payment system.

EVRAZ employees are also provided with a broad, non-financial compensation package that not only meets but exceeds minimum legal requirements. Packages include a voluntary medical insurance programme, additional voluntary insurance against accidents at work, a corporate pension programme, free wellness leave vouchers for employees and their families and a programme to reduce in mortgage payments. In addition, there is a special programme to support former EVRAZ employees who have worked in the Group for 10 years or more.

In 2018, the HR Directorate updated the Corporate Awards Policy, which included establishing new corporate work experience awards for employees of the EvrazHolding LLC corporate centre, including awards for 10, 15 and 20 years of experience.

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