In order to develop the potential of employees, it is necessary to implement and maintain various staff training and development programmes. In this regard, EVRAZ works in parallel on developing employees, management, mentorship programmes, and interaction with external bodies.

Key learning and development areas at EVRAZ, 2018 (number of employees)

Shareholders and investors

In 2018, EVRAZ continued with its From Foreman to Managing Director programme, whose participants are foremen with an average age of 40. There are around 4,000 foremen in the Group: first-line managers who interact directly with workers. Some 98% of them are appointed from within; hence, these are employees who occupying managerial positions for the first time. The programme serves to help develop managerial skills and competencies and provides opportunities for managerial growth and development.

For four consecutive years, EVRAZ has been participating in the WorldSkills programme and is particularly interested in the hi-tech aspect of the programme. In 2018, a Junior section was included, presented by the children of staff and sponsored by educational institutions. All educational centres and training grounds were equipped according to hi-tech international standards.

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