We recognise that the achievements and success we take pride in would not be possible without the considerable efforts of our employees. For this reason, we work continuously on ensuring the effectiveness of our personnel management practices, including those relating to employee recruitment, retention, and education; increasing employee engagement; and developing internal social programmes. In addition, we take all possible measures to ensure respect and to provide equal rights and opportunities to all our employees.

The Group is one of the main employers in our regions of operation, and this entails additional responsibilities. EVRAZ is committed to creating favourable working conditions and to guaranteeing social security and safeguarding employee rights, and we adhere to the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Organisational structure of EVRAZ HR management

Organisational structure of EVRAZ HR management

EVRAZ understands the importance of respecting human rights. Therefore, we do our utmost to prevent human rights violations, minimise the consequences if violations occur, and we devote special attention to ensuring a diversity of personnel. We endeavour to act ethically and we require our suppliers to conduct their businesses within the same ethical framework. We are also committed to operating in compliance with the principles of respect for human rights. Our employees are provided with freedom of association and collective bargaining.

All types of modern slavery, including child labour, forced labour, and human trafficking, are violations of human rights and are strictly prohibited, both within EVRAZ and on the part of our suppliers. To address the issue of modern slavery more effectively, we conduct risk assessments to determine the aspects of our business and suppliers and subcontractors that are at risk.

See more in our Human Rights Policy

We appreciate how workforce diversity can ensure both business development and compliance with ethical standards. Hence we do our utmost to provide equal protection for all employees, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

At EVRAZ we are committed to creating and supporting a work environment that is free from discrimination of any kind. All work-related decisions on current and potential employees are made based on only their professional skills and qualities, experience, and abilities. Decisions made on any grounds other than an employee’s performance (including race, ethnic origin, sex, religion, political views, nationality, age, sexual orientation, citizenship status, marital status, disability etc.) are prohibited by law and contravene our internal non-discrimination principles.

See more in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Employee development is an essential part of a company’s growth. At EVRAZ we continuously seek to provide a full variety of high-quality training and development programmes.

Our HR strategy includes a general goal of ensuring that our employees have all necessary skills and competences. Our approach to achieving this goal includes endeavouring to fill our target positions with employees from the Group’s personnel reserve. In order to achieve this, we facilitate the development of our people and support them in their efforts to master second and third professions.

We believe that cooperation means exchanging experience and consolidating talent and knowledge, and is often key to boosting the likelihood of success. Therefore, in addition to organising internal training programmes, EVRAZ actively interacts with external bodies in our efforts to provide the highest possible quality of employee development.