EVRAZ places a strong emphasis on building honest and supportive relationships with our stakeholders on our path towards sustainable development. In all business processes we strive to accommodate the interests and concerns of stakeholders, be it in compliance with Russian legislation, contractual obligations or sector regulations, and to uphold and respect human rights.

Our main stakeholders are individuals or entities whose actions, interests or safety may be affected by, or have a potential impact on, the Group’s operations. In order to ensure the continuous improvement of the Group’s stakeholder engagement process, we concentrate our efforts on collecting feedback from both internal and external stakeholders. We focus our attention on three main areas:

  • an annual reputational survey of external stakeholders (reputational audit)
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • “We are together” employee engagement surveys

Main stakeholders and their importance to EVRAZ

Shareholders and investors
Industry organisations
Suppliers and contractors
Local communities
Government authorities

See more in the “Stakeholder engagement” section of the Sustainability Report 2018.