Direct economic value generated and distributed is a metric that indicates the wealth that we create through our operations and the subsequent allocation of our revenue by stakeholder group. Throughout our operations, we create value for a wide variety of stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers and contractors, government authorities and local communities.

The difference between value created and distributed is the economic value retained by EVRAZ, which goes towards further developing our business. We are committed to increasing the value generated and distributed to our stakeholders, as well as to maintaining a high level of transparency and integrity when it comes to information disclosure.

The information from the Company’s audited IFRS financial statements was used to prepare the above table in accordance with the GRI recommendation. Data are presented on an accrual basis.
EVRAZ’s direct economic value generated and distributed, US$ million
Item Stakeholder 2018
Direct economic value generated 12,878
Revenue from the sale of goods Wide variety of stakeholders 12,525
Revenue from the rendering of services 311
Revenue from financial investments 18
Other operating income 24
Economic value distributed (11,708)
Operating expenses Suppliers and contractors (7,770)
Wages and other payments to employees Employees (1,313)
Payments to providers of capital Shareholders and investors (1,915)
payments to shareholders (1,556)
payments to creditors (359)
Payments to government Government authorities (683)
including income tax expense (683)
Community investments Local communities (27)
Economic value retained 1,170