During mining and steel-making operations EVRAZ generates significant waste, such as barren rock, spent ore, and tailings, which are a by-product of processing ore and concentrates. Our aim is to reduce the volume of waste we produce and to manage it in an efficient way.

Group Target

  • Utilise 95% of waste from metal production and general waste
  • Recycle 50% of mining waste

Our waste management activities correspond to key industry trends:

  • Minimising waste generation at source by improving technological processes
  • Increasing the share of reused and recycled waste
  • Safe disposal or incineration at special facilities

Under no circumstances do we incinerate or store waste outside special facilities, in line with applicable legislation and EVRAZ Fundamental Environmental Requirements. We actively promote separate waste collection systems at our enterprises, in order to facilitate its further recycling.

See more in the Waste stewardship section of Sustainability Report 2019