The Group’s operations do not take place in any specially protected natural reservations or areas of high biodiversity value; however, we are aware of the possible ramifications that our mining and steelmaking operations have for biodiversity in areas where we operate.

We therefore aspire to cultivate a culture of fostering among our employees a proper attitude towards nature and biodiversity, as well as towards environmental project management and productive communication with local communities. As part of managing biodiversity, we place a special emphasis on encouraging local initiatives from our enterprises.

The major biodiversity issues we address comprise:

  • The rehabilitation of disturbed lands and landscaping activities
  • The restoration of aquatic biodiversity
  • Socio-ecological campaigns being managed jointly by municipal administrations

As a part of our social activities, EVRAZ is committed to raising awareness among the population of specially protected nature zones and their inhabitants.

See more in the Protecting biodiversity section of Sustainability Report 2019