We first aim to minimise waste at the source by improving production processes and enhancing the quality of our products. Alternatively, we can reuse some waste types in further operations, e.g. steelmaking, land rehabilitation, road or dam construction and heating.

Waste that was not utilised in current operations is safely stored to become a production site later. Under no circumstances do we incinerate or store waste outside of special facilities, in line with applicable legislation and EVRAZ’s Fundamental Environmental Requirements.

Under EVRAZ’s five-year environmental goals, we are required to recycle 95% of non-mining waste and by-products each year. In 2018, this rate amounted to 111.3%, as waste was recycled from old waste dumps. The Group uses non-hazardous mining waste for the purposes of land rehabilitation and to build dams and roads.

The figure comprises data on EVRAZ ZSMK (incl. Evrazruda), EVRAZ NTMK, EVRAZ KGOK, Raspadskaya (Mezhdurechenskaya site), Raspadskaya (Novokuznetskaya site), Mezhegeyugol Coal Company Evraz Caspian Steel, Evraz Palini e Bertoli, EVRAZ Vanady Tula, Evraz Stratcor, Inc., EVRAZ Nikom, a.s, EVRAZ Inc. NA.
Waste recycling rate, 2016–2018, %

See more in the “Waste stewardship” section of the Sustainability Report 2018.