EVRAZ addresses environmental issues at a strategic level; hence, our environment-related goals constitute a crucial part of the Group’s objectives.

Our main focus areas are water management, waste management and air emissions, since these are most exposed to negative impacts from metallurgical production. In 2017, the HSE Committee adopted three major five-year environmental targets in relation to these topics, as well as a number of programmes aimed at improving overall environmental performance.

EVRAZ's five-year environmental targets
Area Five-year target (2018–2022) 2018 results
Reduction of freshwater consumption by 10% by 29.1%
Recycling of non-mining waste and by-products to 95% per year 111.3% per year
Not exceeding the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity ratio to maintain the intensity ratio below 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent (tCO2e) per tonne of steel cast 2.005 tCO2e per tonne of steel cast

By the end of 2018, the Group had made visible progress in terms of the water consumption target — freshwater consumption was down by 29.1%. An overall share of 111.3% of non-mining waste was recycled, compared to 104.7% the previous year. We succeeded in lowering the GHG intensity ratio by 1%, and we are making steady progress towards achieving our five-year goal.

Key environmental programmes being implemented at EVRAZ enterprises include:

See more in the “Environmental strategy” section of the Sustainability Report 2018.