Efficient energy use is an important component of the sustainability process. The energy intensity level of the Group’s companies is the key driver behind our energy-efficiency programmes and, in turn, helps us achieve our emissions reduction goal.

Measures taken to boost energy efficiency include striking a balance between self-produced energy and energy purchased from suppliers, minimising energy losses during transfers, using renewable resources and waste energy and selling any energy surpluses.

The figure comprises data on the Steel segment (EVRAZ ZSMK (incl. Evrazruda), EVRAZ NTMK, EVRAZ KGOK, Evraz Caspian Steel, EVRAZ Vanady Tula, Evraz Stratcor, Inc., EVRAZ Nikom, a.s. and Evraz Palini e Bertoli), EINA (EVRAZ Pueblo, EVRAZ Portland, EVRAZ Canada and EVRAZ Recycling), Raspadskaya Coal Company, Mezhegeyugol Coal Company.
EVRAZ’s total energy consumption, 2016–2018, million GJ

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