EVRAZ has adopted a systematic approach to local community development. All ongoing programmes involve long-term planning and are aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities where the Group operates.

Each year, the Company approves a Social Investment Programme, which sets out the Company’s social investment priorities and budgets for the year ahead. As part of the planning process, EVRAZ seeks an active dialogue with local community representatives to identify the most relevant and important projects that comply with the Social Investment Guidelines and EVRAZ priorities. At the end of each year, the Group publicly reports on the implementation of that Social Investment Programme.

EVRAZ has Social Investment Guidelines, a Policy on Charitable Donation and Sponsorship Activity and other related documents that govern relations with local communities. EVRAZ has two charity foundations that operate in Siberia and the Urals that are managed by supervisory boards. When choosing social and environmental projects to support, the foundations take into consideration EVRAZ’s Сharity Policy and Social Investment Guidelines and specify target areas for support, including funding orphanages and families in need; sponsoring educational, sports and cultural projects; and subsidising medical centres and environmental programmes. All of the Company’s social investments are aimed at strengthening and further developing EVRAZ’s business and community partnerships.

According to the Social Investment Guidelines, EVRAZ does not support the following:

  • Organisations and programmes designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to state or local public office;
  • Political, military, religious and national or local governmental organisations and projects.

Key areas of support for local communities

For children
  • Sponsoring educational programmes for children and young people, providing scholarships
  • Financing the purchase of necessary school supplies, sports equipment and developing the landscaping around schools
  • Supporting children in orphanages
  • Supporting families with children with special needs (children with health-related limitations and cerebral palsy)
For cities
  • Contributing to the improvement of local urban infrastructure
  • Sponsoring the construction and renovations of playgrounds and exercise spaces
  • Supporting infrastructure projects, including the construction of roads, streets and embankment areas
  • Sponsoring medical, educational and cultural institutions at federal and local levels
For sports
  • Supporting amateur and professional sports teams
  • Supporting individual athletes by sponsoring equipment purchases, training programmes and competitions
  • Financing the purchase of necessary sports equipment and developing the sports landscaping around schools
  • Supporting corporate sport as a very important part of corporate social activities and the corporate culture
Environmental protection
  • Ensuring a better environment in the regions where the Group operates (for more information, see the “Environment” chapter)