Taking our social responsibilities seriously, EVRAZ strives to adhere to international best practices by making a meaningful contribution to local economies and supporting communities wherever it operates.

This includes fostering proper ethical behaviour, caring for employee well-being, protecting the environment and being an engaged partner for local communities. Everywhere that EVRAZ operates, it seeks to build sustainable, positive partnerships with local governments and non-governmental organisations, as well as with business, media and other partners.

The creation of value for local communities and regions where we operate is ingrained in our Corporate Strategy. Transparent and constructive cooperation with local communities is an integral part of EVRAZ's activities and development. Creating shared value and respecting human rights and the views and traditions of the people in the regions where we operate are among the principles that are stipulated in our Business Conduct Policy for Employees — The EVRAZ Way. The principles and rules of engagement with the employees of federal and local authorities at all levels are stipulated in the Regulation on Interaction with State Authorities. Local community engagement is guided by the Social Investments Guidelines and the Policy on Charitable Donation and Sponsorship Activity.

Local communities

EVRAZ sees that business sustainability is ultimately connected with the prosperity of the communities in the regions where we operate, which we support through social and improvement programmes.

State bodies

EVRAZ contributes value to the government by providing construction and railway products for the development of infrastructure, and it is also one of the largest taxpayers and employers in Russia.

See more in the “Community relations” section of the Sustainability Report 2018.