As one of the top steel producers in the world, EVRAZ is
committed to integrating the principles and values of
sustainable development into our daily operations.

Our approach
Health and safety

The Group’s strategic goal is to achieve a zero occupational injury rate by constantly making improvements to the health and safety management system.

Environmental stewardship

As a mining and steelmaking company, we aim to reduce the harmful effects caused by our day-to-day operations in order to be compliant with applicable legal environmental requirements and consistent with the expectations of our stakeholders.

Community relations

Creating shared value and respecting human rights and the views and traditions of the people in the regions where we operate are among the principles that are stipulated in our Business Conduct Policy for Employees — The EVRAZ Way.

Key highlights of 2019

2.04 LTIFR per 1 million hours excludes fatalities and data on contractors
US$34 million allocated on social expenses
71,215 Total number of employees
1.97 tCO2e per tonne of steel cast GHG intensity rate
9.3% Fresh water consumption reduction
US$28.8 million invested in improving environmental performance

Ratings, indexes and initiatives

66 points
out of 100
53 points
out of 100
of which CCC is the lowest and AAA is the highest rating
of which D — is the lowest and A+ is the highest rating
of which F is the lowest and A is the highest rating
G – 7, Е – 4, S – 3
of which 1 is low risk, 10 is high risk
2.6 points
out of 5
One of the leaders of Responsibility and Transparency Index and SDVI in 2018
23 place
out of 34

Reports and documents

Insights and stories