Organizational Changes within the Structure and Management of EVRAZ

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Organizational Changes within the Structure and Management of EVRAZ

EVRAZ plc (LSE: EVR) (together with the subsidiaries referred to as “EVRAZ” or “the Company”) announces organizational changes in the Company’s management. In order to improve and intensify management of key product groups the Company established a separate division for Railway Products. The new division  includes EVRAZ ZSMK, EVRAZ NTMK, EVRAZ NMTP sea port and EvrazTrans transport company. The new Railway Products Division will deal with production and sales as well as product development for railway applications.

All other EVRAZ ZSMK and EVRAZ NTMK shops, including those producing construction longs and other types of steel products, will remain within the Steel Division. Trading Companies EvrazHolding, East Metals AG and steel center EVRAZ Metall Inprom will also be merged into the Steel Division.

Ilya Shirokobrod has been appointed Vice President, Head of Division of Railway Products, with responsibility for production and sales of railway products, as well as purchasing of raw materials to supply the division's needs. Ilya will also chair the Management committee for railway products, thus providing for efficient worldwide coordination of EVRAZ’s global strategy in the rail segment. He previously held the position of Vice-President of Sales.

Ilya Shirokobrod joined EVRAZ in February 2010. He previously held managing positions in Centravis Limited, Alcoa CSI, Melitta Russland and Tetra Pak. In 2005 he gained Master’s degree from Stockholm School of Economics under International Executive MBA program.

Alexey Ivanov, Vice President, and Head of the Steel Division, will continue in his position with a substantial extension in the scope of his responsibilities. He will be responsible for production and sales of construction longs and other steel products, as well as purchasing of raw materials for this industry.

Mr. Ivanov joined EVRAZ in 2002. Previously he held various positions in ZAO Liggett-Ducat, OAO AB Incombank. He graduated from INSEAD in 2002. He has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 2004.


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