EVRAZ Starts Supplying New 100-meter Rails for High-Speed Railroads

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EVRAZ Starts Supplying New 100-meter Rails for High-Speed Railroads

EVRAZ ZSMK has shipped the first lot of 100-meter HH350HS rails to Russian Railways. The rails will be delivered to Oktyabrskaya Railway and laid in track of high-speed railroad between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

HH350HS head-hardened rails are intended for high-speed mixed traffic with speeds up to 250 km/hour. The product has no substitute in the world; it ensures smooth and comfortable passenger traffic and allows freight trains to develop higher speed.

High-speed mixed traffic rails can be used in any existing high-speed lines in Russia and future high-speed line between Moscow and Kazan. CIS customers are also interested in the product. Meanwhile EVRAZ has started developing rails for even higher-speed traffic – with speeds up to 400 km/hour.

Today EVRAZ's product portfolio contains rails produced according to Russian and foreign standards, including rails intended for difficult conditions, curves or inclines, and for low temperatures. The company also produces tramway and subway rails, crane and switch rails.


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