EVRAZ signs long-term rail delivery contract with Moscow Metro

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EVRAZ signs long-term rail delivery contract with Moscow Metro

EVRAZ signed a five-year rail delivery contract with the Moscow Metro. The contract contains a pricing formula and determines the volume of deliveries; it will come effective this September. Over the five years, EVRAZ will supply 60 thousand tonnes of rails, fully covering the metro’s needs and remaining its key supplier.

Within the contract’s scope, EVRAZ will produce contact rails, track switches and increased durability head-hardened rails, including 100 meters long. In January, the new long rails were laid into an underground track for the first time, now enabling the Moscow Metro to improve its track maintenance efficiency.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of the Moscow’s government Department of transportation and Moscow Metro, the country’s capital key transportation artery is actively developing, continuously improving on the passenger service. Realizing the intensity of traffic and the paramount safety requirements, we are offering the innovative rails that can ensure both comfort for the passengers and a lower maintenance volume for our partners,” says Aleksey Ivanov, Vice President, Head of Steel Division, EVRAZ.

“The Moscow transportation system development strategy envisages migrating to the cutting-edge technologies. I am positive that our long-term partnership will help achieve economies and improve the passengers’ comfort,” says Dmitry Pegov, Head of the Moscow Metro.

EVRAZ is the key supplier of rails for the Russian metros. The company has provided rails for the metros of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Novosibirsk and Nizhniy Novgorod since they were launched. In 2015, EVRAZ expanded the geography of rail deliveries, supplying rails for the Tashkent metro. For underground transportation networks, the company produces head-hardened rails, contact rails and rails for track switches.


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