EVRAZ Showcased Advanced Solutions for the Railway Industry at EXPO 1520

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EVRAZ Showcased Advanced Solutions for the Railway Industry at EXPO 1520

10 September 2011 – EVRAZ showcased a wide range of advanced railway products at the III International Railway Salon, Scherbinka (Moscow Region), 7th to10th September. EVRAZ is a world leader in the production of railway-related products, and the only rail producer in Russia. Whilst the Company’s main customer is The Russian Railways, the company also exports its products to the CIS, North America, Turkey, Vietnam, and the Baltic States.

More than 30 items of EVRAZ railway-related products were demonstrated at the exhibition, including some recently developed unique solutions, namely; wheels with a Brinell hardness from 360 to 390; and heat-treated rails of improved quality. Currently, EVRAZ is the only company in Russia to have mastered these technologies.

EVRAZ has undertaken several key projects designed to improve quality and to enhance its range of railway-related products, with the aim of reinforcing its position in the current market. By the end of 2013, EVRAZ will have completed the reconstruction of the rails and beams shop at EVRAZ ZSMK, and also of the wheel shop at EVRAZ NTMK. This will enable EVRAZ to take advantage of the prospective demand for high quality railway-related products, both in Russia and overseas.

“We see EXPO 1520 as an ideal venue, not only to showcase our company’s solutions and products, but also to share best practices with our colleagues from all over the world and to get better insights into industry perspectives”, said Oleg Kuzmin, EVRAZ Vice President, Corporate Communications. “Today, EVRAZ has accumulated extensive experience and has a clear focus on the unique developments taking place in the railway industry. It would not be an overstatement to say that EVRAZ delivers cutting-edge technological breakthroughs which put the company at the forefront of the industry.”


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