EVRAZ NTMK Launches New Air Separation Facilities

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EVRAZ NTMK Launches New Air Separation Facilities

EVRAZ NTMK commissioned two air separation facilities that will supply nitrogen, oxygen and argon to its blast furnace and converter shops.

The new air separation units are 35% more energy-efficient compared to previous models. Moreover, EVRAZ will be able to achieve material savings by canceling the overhaul of two outdated air separation units and their gradual decommissioning. The facility also features a first in Russia oxygen enrichment system that will eliminate oxygen loss in the blast furnaces (previously 10% to 15%).

The facilities were constructed by Praxair, which will also be in charge of operational activities. The partnership between EVRAZ and Praxair, one of the largest producers of industrial gases in the world, dates back to 2009, when EVRAZ selected Praxair on the merit of its expertise in deploying unique solutions, unprecedented in Russia. Praxair will deliver over 60% of the oxygen, 80% of the nitrogen and 100% of the argon needs for EVRAZ NTMK. The rest will be produced by in-house air separation units.

“EVRAZ NTMK pioneers in Russia the technology that will enable the plant to seriously enhance its efficiency which is our strategic priority in today’s market environment, noted Aleksey Ivanov, Head of Steel Division, Vice President, EVRAZ.

“The safe, reliable supply of industrial gases is critical to our customers’ operations,” said Dan Yankowski, president of Praxair Europe. “And delivering this for EVRAZ NTMK along with significant cost savings is another example of Praxair’s commitment to our customers’ success. With the opening of these plants in the Sverdlovsk region, Praxair continues to strengthen its presence in Russia and its commitment to customers throughout the country.”

Praxair, Inc. (NYSE: PX) is the largest industrial gases company in North and South America and one of the largest worldwide.


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