EVRAZ Launches Production of Two Railway Wheel Types for European Market

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EVRAZ Launches Production of Two Railway Wheel Types for European Market

The European certifying authority for railways, VUZ (the Czech Republic) issued two TSI conformity certificates to EVRAZ NTMK, for solid-rolled 920 mm railway wheels of BA 314 and ВА 005 types. Both wheel types, intended for freight cars, are among the bestsellers in the European markets.

Specially for these wheels, EVRAZ NTMK’s steel-shop produces high-quality steel of the ER7 grade.

During the pre-certification audit, the plant proved efficiency of its quality management system and its conformity to the TSI requirements. The board of experts appreciated the high level of automation in production processes and approved the system of logging and archiving a set of parameters for each wheel produced. Prior to certification, the wheels successfully passed the cyclic and thermo-mechanical tests in an accredited Czech laboratory.

«EVRAZ’s objective is to expand its product portfolio with product types that are most popular in the company’s strategic markets and key product segments,” says Ilya Shirokobrod, EVRAZ Vice-President, Sales. “In 2016, EVRAZ NTMK is planning to launch production of new freight wheels for North American markets, including those with increased rim hardness, and two more European-standard wheel types for freight cars.”

Today, EVRAZ NTMK holds five TSI certificates. The earlier certified wheel types ВА 318, ВА 319, and ВА 004 are also intended for freight cars.






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