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EVRAZ launches internal marketplace

EVRAZ (LSE: EVR) has implemented a unique supply project, unprecedented in the steel-making sector globally. The company launched an internal online shop, EVRAZ marketplace, enabling much faster procurement of goods and products needed for the business.

The marketplace was set up to facilitate sourcing of materials and supplies, making it fast and convenient. Thanks to digitalisation, waiving tenders, and organising delivery straight to production sites, bypassing the central and interim warehouses, delivery time has been reduced to 48 hours. It takes no more than 15 minutes to make an order, which can later be managed and tracked via personal online profile. The marketplace is accessible both from stationary PCs and mobile devices.

The project took only three months to develop thanks to using the Agile approach. EVRAZ Marketplace was successfully tested in Siberia Division and is now scaled to Urals and Coal Divisions. The product range of the marketplace is now 300,000 items across four product categories; by the end of 2020, it will span 20 categories.

“Fighting red tape and going digital are among the key priorities for EVRAZ. Creating our marketplace, we aimed to increase satisfaction of internal customers: we geared all processes to target customer paths and used best practices of major online retailers”, said Aleksey Ivanov, EVRAZ Senior Vice President, Commerce and Business Development.