EVRAZ KGOK is the first Russian mining site to produce 2 billion tonnes of iron ore

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EVRAZ KGOK is the first Russian mining site to produce 2 billion tonnes of iron ore

EVRAZ Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant is the first Russian mining operation to reach cumulative production milestone of 2 billion tonnes of iron ore. Large-scale equipment modernization, well-coordinated teamwork and continuous improvement contributed to this achievement.

New 130-tonne BelAZ trucks, modern land levelers and earthmovers operate in KGOK's pits. Pumping equipment is gradually replaced; new production units have been installed in the crushing shop. Finished goods shipping section at the pellet plant has been upgraded.  New mills and separators are regularly put in operation and substation equipment is upgraded. 

EVRAZ KGOK is one of the Russian top 5 mining companies. Iron ore is produced in three open pits-Main, Western and Northern, and in the Southern deposit. The facility develops Gusevogorsky Deposit of titanium-magnetite iron ore, containing 0.13% vanadium pentoxide, which provides additional strength and rust resistance to steel produced with EVRAZ KGOK's iron ore. EVRAZ KGOK is the only Russian enterprise that produces high-quality iron ore products from ores with low Fe-content (below 14%).

EVRAZ KGOK produced 1 billion tonnes of iron ore in 1993. In 2006 the cumulative production of titanium-magnetite iron ore amounted to 1.5 billion tonnes. It took the plant 30 years to produce its first billion tonnes, and almost 30% less time to produce the second billion tonnes. 

In 2014 EVRAZ KGOK produced 58.1 million tonnes of iron ore, over 6.4 million tonnes of pellets, 3.4 tonnes of sinter and 3.2 million tonnes of crushed rock. 




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