EVRAZ Has Started Deliveries Of Wheelsets To Europe

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EVRAZ Has Started Deliveries Of Wheelsets To Europe

EVRAZ has started the production of TSI wheelsets together with Slovenian company SZ-VIT. Wheelset is a new product for EVRAZ, and it is characterized by high marketability among the key European rail operators and manufacturers of freight wagons.

EVRAZ has won a tender for the supply of TSI wheelsets to VTG AG, one of the major European freight railway players. According to the contract EVRAZ in cooperation with SZ-VIT will deliver within 2016 a pilot lot of 700 to 1,000 wheelsets. In 2017 EVRAZ plans to expand its supplies of wheelsets to VTG AG.

“Wheelsets are an extremely interesting segment for the Company. They will allow us to expand our client base on account of rail operators and manufacturers of freight wagons, who prefer to purchase finished goods, – noted Ilya Shirokobrod, EVRAZ Vice-President, Sales and Logistics. – The cooperation with the Slovenian partner opens a new promising market for EVRAZ.”

For wheelsets EVRAZ NTMK produces freight railway wheels BA314, which are TSI-certified. The wheels further are used for assembly of wheelsets together with axles BA302 at the plant in Slovenia. The inspection and acceptance of the first lot of 45 wheelsets has been successfully completed. 



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