Evraz Group Releases 2Q 2007 Operational Results

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Evraz Group Releases 2Q 2007 Operational Results

July 17, 2007 – Evraz Group S.A. (LSE: EVR) today released its 2Q 2007 operational results as follows.


Product, ‘000 tonnes unless otherwise stated

2Q 2007

2Q 2006

2Q 2007/
2Q 2006 change*

1Q 2007

2Q 2007/
1Q 2007 change*

1H 2007/
1H 2006 change*

Steel division
Pig iron3,1883,310(3.7)%3,293(3.2)%1.6%
Crude steel4,1394,159(0.5)%4,287(3.5)%5.3%
Rolled products, net of re-rolled volumes3,8283,7212.9%3,892(1.6)%8.3%
Semi-finished products9041,616(44.1)%1,434(37.0)%(26.9)%
Construction products1,2731,05720.4%1,10415.3%23.2%
Railway products59739451.6%48523.2%41.9%
Flat-rolled products56944129.0%46023.6%25.5%
Tubular products1264n/a9828.8%n/a
Other steel products36020971.8%31115.7%63.0%
Pig iron3,0593,310(7.6)%3,293(7.1)%(0.5)%
Crude steel3,5593,915(9.1)%3,878(8.2)%(1.6)%
Rolled products, net of re-rolled volumes3,1303,491(10.3)%3,419(8.4)%(2.3)%
Semi-finished products1,1111,743(36.3)%1,613(31.1)%(20.7)%
Construction products1,2241,05715.8%1,10410.9%20.7%
Railway products48639423.3%37828.7%13.2%
Flat-rolled products114118(3.4)%1103.9%1.4%
Tubular products44(6.0)%319.9%5.6%
Other steel products1911759.4%211(9.3)%16.4%
Crude steel225244(8.0)%225(0.3)%2.3%
Rolled products3683573.1%29823.5%0.2%
Flat-rolled products297322(7.8)%26512.1%(6.0)%
Other steel products7134105.6%33114.2%58.1%
North America [1]
Crude steel213n/an/a18415.8%n/a
Rolled products410n/an/a35415.8%n/a
Railway products111n/an/a1073.8%n/a
Flat-rolled products90n/an/a856.8%n/a
Tubular products122n/an/a9529.1%n/a
Other steel products85n/an/a6728.0%n/a
South Africa [2]
Pig iron129n/an/an/an/an/a
Crude steel142n/an/an/an/an/a
Rolled products127n/an/an/an/an/a
Construction products48n/an/an/an/an/a
Flat-rolled products67n/an/an/an/an/a
Other steel products12n/an/an/an/an/a
Mining division
Iron ore (saleable products)
Coal [3]
Coking coal (mined)515194165.0%142263.0%64.2%
Steam coal (mined)46115n/a58n/an/a
Concentrate (production)232n/an/an/an/an/a
(tonnes of V) [4]
Vanadium in slag (saleable)3,0553,340(8.5)%2,8885.8%0.9%
Vanadium in alloys and chemicals3,057n/an/a1,385120.7%n/a
Vanadium in slag (saleable)3,0553,340(8.5)%2,8885.8%0.9%
South Africa
Vanadium in alloys and chemicals2,595n/an/a855203.5%n/a
North America
Vanadium in alloys and chemicals462n/an/a530(12.9)%n/a
Equity investments
Raspadskaya [5]
Coking coal (mined)3,3351,85180.1%3,2731.9%91.8%
Concentrate (production)2,461983150.4%2,4560.2%166.4%
Yuzhkuzbassugol [3]
Coking coal (mined)1,3362,634(49.3)%2,237(40.3)%(23.1)%
Steam coal (mined)8421,540(45.3)%1,320(36.3)%(29.0)%
Concentrate (production)9341,281(27.0)%1,517(38.4)%9.1%

* Percentage changes may not be exact due to rounding.

[1] Operational results of Evraz Oregon Steel Mills are consolidated into the Group since 12 January 2007.

[2] Operational results of Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation are consolidated since May 2007.

[3] Evraz Group held a 50% interest in ZAO Yuzhkuzbassugol until 8 June 2007 and consolidated its results on an equity basis. Since 8 June 2007 the operational results of Yuzhkuzbassugol are fully consolidated into the Group.

[4] Calculated in pure vanadium equivalent. Include operational results of Strategic Minerals Corporation consolidated into the Group since September 2006 and of Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation consolidated since May 2007.

[5] Evraz Group holds a 40% beneficial interest in OAO Raspadskaya.


USD/tonne (ex works)
unless otherwise stated

2Q 2007

1Q 2007

2Q 2006

1Q 2006

Steel division
Pig iron298253224181
Rolled products
Semi-finished products453397361257
Construction products749578452398
Railway products697657574552
Flat-rolled products644522436396
Tubular products768668517481
Other steel products624515428390
Rolled products
Flat-rolled products894827678601
Other steel products910841689625
North America
Rolled products
Railway products848805n/an/a
Flat-rolled products1,1921,088n/an/a
Tubular products1,3321,335n/an/a
Other steel products691665n/an/a
South Africa
Rolled products
Construction products829n/an/an/a
Flat-rolled products699n/an/an/a
Other steel products709n/an/an/a
Mining division
Iron ore
Coking coal40422928
Steam coal31534842
Concentrate 78n/an/an/a
Vanadium (USD/t of V)
Vanadium in slag 17,88212,00016,49716,802
South Africa
Vanadium in alloys and chemicals41,10633,191n/an/a
North America
Vanadium in alloys and chemicals37,79436,074n/an/a


Semi-finished products include slabs, billets, pipe blanks and other products.

Construction products include beams, channels, angles, rebars, wire rods, wire, and other products.

Railway products include rails, wheels, tyres and other products.

Flat-rolled products include commodity plate, specialty plate and other products.

Tubular products include large diameter line pipes, ERW pipes and casings, seamless pipes and other products.

Other steel products include rounds, grinding balls, mine uprights, strips etc. For Europe they also include slab, crane rails and construction products; for North America - bars, rods, and structural tubing; for South Africa – billets and rails.

All information on production volumes of the enterprises presented in the press release concerns only the period of their operation within Evraz Group.

The total volume of rolled steel products excludes those re-rolled at other Group’s plants. These volumes are eliminated as intercompany sales for purposes of Evraz’s consolidated operating results.

The operational results are provided in advance of Evraz Group’s interim results for the six months to 30 June 2007, which will be announced in October. All published data are subject to change and may differ quite considerably from the final numbers that will be reported.


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