EVRAZ Appoints New Vice President, Vanadium Assets

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EVRAZ Appoints New Vice President, Vanadium Assets

7 October 2011 EVRAZ Group S.A. (LSE:EVR) ("EVRAZ") announces the appointment of Grigory Botvinovsky as Vice President, Vanadium Assets, following the retirement of Daniel Harris.

Reporting to Pavel Tatyanin, Senior Vice President, Head of International Business, Grigory Botvinovsky will be responsible for vanadium operations, global vanadium sales and trading, vanadium business development and investment. He will start his new role on 17 October 2011. Most recently, he has been CEO of East Metals, a Swiss-based EVRAZ global sales and trading arm. Grigory has over 11 years of experience with EVRAZ. He started with a commercial role at EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ NTMK). He then moved to East Metals to continue his commercial activities.

Alexander Frolov, EVRAZ CEO, said, “I would like to thank Mr Harris for his immense contribution to EVRAZ as it is under his leadership that the Company has grown into the world’s largest player in the vanadium market. The position of Vice President, Vanadium Assets is crucial for EVRAZ’s strategic commitment to grow our business. I am pleased to welcome Mr Botvinovsky to the EVRAZ senior management team and I am sure that we will continue to deliver value to our customers and serve their growing needs.” 


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