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Changes to the Board Committees

EVRAZ plc (LSE: EVR) announces that the following changes will be made to the composition of the Board’s Committees, with an effective date 19 June 2015:

• Ms Deborah Gudgeon, having joined the Audit Committee on 1 May 2015, will become Chairman of the Audit Committee (succeeding Terry Robinson);

• Mr Alexander Izosimov will join the Audit Committee;

• Mr Karl Gruber will join the Nominations Committee; and

• Sir Michael Peat will step down from the Audit Committee.

The Board Committees composition, effective from 19th June 2015, will be as follows:

Audit Committee

Ms Deborah Gudgeon - Chairman of the Committee

Mr Duncan Baxter

Mr Alexander Izosimov

Ms Olga Pokrovskaya

Remuneration Committee

Mr Duncan Baxter – Chairman of the Committee

Mr Karl Gruber

Mr Alexander Izosimov

Nominations Committee

Sir Michael Peat – Chairman of the Committee

Mr Alexander Abramov

Mr Eugene Shvidler

Mr Alexander Izosimov

Mr Karl Gruber

HSE Committee

Mr Karl Gruber – Chairman of the Committee

Ms Olga Pokrovskaya

Mr Alexander Frolov

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