EBITDA* FY 2019E FY 2020E
Consensus 2,829 2,642
Max 3,310 3,177
Min 2,344 2,244
Target price (TP)* GBp
Consensus 527
Max 670
Min 485
Recommendations of analysts
Broker Date Recommendation Target price, GBp
Aton 28-Feb-19 hold 580
BaML 21-Jun-19 sell 485
BCS 18-Apr-19 sell 500
Citi 17-Jun-19 sell 530
Gazprombank 24-Feb-19 hold 529
Goldman Sachs 01-Jul-19 sell 490
JP Morgan 25-Mar-19 sell 520
Morgan Stanley 18-Jun-19 sell 500
Renaissance Capital 09-May-19 buy 670
VTB Capital 18-Jun-19 hold 670
Sberbank 16-Jun-19 hold 591
Sova Capital 14-Jun-19 hold 530
Wood 28-Feb-19 buy 502

* Consensus EBITDA and TP are calculated on the basis of the last six months of broker reports, while eliminating the highest and lowest estimates to calculate the average.

Last update: 18.06.2019

This document has been issued by EVRAZ plc for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute investment advice. It is based on estimates and forecasts of various independent analysts regarding EVRAZ’s revenues, earnings and business development. Such estimates and forecasts cannot be independently verified by reason of their subjective nature. EVRAZ plc gives no guarantee, representation or warranty and is not responsible or liable in any way as to the accuracy and completeness of this document.