Our mission: A better future for our partners, our people and our community
Our vision: The leader on infrastructural steel markets
What does leadership mean?

Provide high-quality products and services to our customers

Achieve the highest production efficiency among our competitors

Our basis
Sustainable development

Health and safety, social responsibility and environmental protection are core aspects of the Group’s strategy

EVRAZ engages with a wide range of stakeholders — from customers and employees to local communities — which highlights the importance of operating in compliance with global best practices and sustainability principles

See Sustainability for more details

EVRAZ Business System

The EVRAZ Business System (EBS) is the approach that the Group’s employees apply to their work to achieve ambitious goals through continuous achievement

As the underlying foundation of the Group’s strategy, the EBS combines five key elements: ambitious target setting, EVRAZ principles, employee development, efficient management and process improvement

The EBS is currently focused primarily on innovation and technological breakthroughs in metallurgy, mining and related industries

See Innovation for more details

Strategic priorities
Business segments
The value we create
EVRAZ in numbers (2020)