Health and Safety

2015 results

As for all steelmakers, EVRAZ products are made in an environment that may possess health hazards for some employees and contractors. Risks include excessivetemperature (heat), high noise levels, high levels of particulate matter (dust), confined space and ergonomic stress.

The health and safety of employees is of paramount importance for the company. The industry has inherent risks that need to be managed effectively to ensure a safe working environment. EVRAZ constantly strives to improve its performance by avoiding or mitigating these risks.It is committed to improving HSE performance through the implementation of enhanced production processes, as well as with new management and control systems. The company strives to create a safe workplace at all enterprises and continues to develop relevant projects, provide employees with personal protective equipment and install cutting-edge safety equipment. EVRAZ also works hard to change employees’ mentality and instil a ‘safety-first’culture. Regular safety conversations are aimed at increasing safety awareness among miners abd steelworkers with regard to themselves and their colleagues.

The company’s LTIFR (excluding fatalities) rose to 2.18 in 2015, up 36% year-on-year, due to a spike in reported lost-time incidents involving minor injuries. While there is a clear downward trend in the number of incidents involving severe injuries (serious lost-time injuries totalled 34 in 2015, compared with 43 in 2014), the increase in recorded incidents demonstrates the overall improvement of reporting transparency.

All treatment of occupational diseases is covered by obligatory social insurance of workrelated accidents and occupational diseases. The conditions of support in case of occupational disease are provided in bargaining agreements.

In 2015, EVRAZ started to report the number of days missed due to occupational diseases, recording 1,357 for the year.

In 2015, following a change in legislation, all EVRAZ enterprises in Russia were subject to a special evaluation of working conditions. To date, working conditions at all workplaces were scored based on actual situation and in accordance with the new method approved by the government.

EVRAZ objective in 2016 is to update its existing system of compensation for working in highly hazardous environments, which is based on lists and results of workplace safety assessments(the old evaluation method), to ensure compliance with the updated legal requirements andthe actual working environment.