EVRAZ Sukha Balka

EVRAZ Sukha Balka ore enrichment plant is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises specialising in underground mining of iron ore. The plant comprises two mines: Yubileynaya mine and Frunze mine, both equipped with surface-located crushing and sorting facilities. 

In 2016 EVRAZ Sukha Balka mined over 2.5 million tonnes of lumpy ore. The annual production capacity of the plant is approximately 3.1 million tonnes of iron ore. The resource base consists of mainly the martite ores and some hermatite ores.

The reserves of the two mines are estimated at about 100 million tonnes of iron ore, enough to keep EVRAZ Sukha Balka operating for 25 years. The estimated iron content in the ore varies from 50% to 60%. Besides iron ores the mines’ deposits possess reserves of more than 580 million tonnes of magnetite quartzites.

Main сonsumers of the Sukha Balka’s production are UGOK Yuzhny Mining and Enrichment Plant and Mariupol Steel Works. Products are exported by rail and shipped by sea.

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