EVRAZ NMTP (Nakhodka Trade Sea Port) is one of the largest stevedoring companies in the Far East of Russia. The port is located on the Eastern section of Peter the Great Gulf, in Nakhodka Bay. The port is connected to all points of the Eurasian continent and the Trans-Siberian Railway, assisting in both directions in the flow of goods between Asia and Europe. The port has a daily capacity to unload up to 500 rail wagons containing various cargoes. In addition, 300,000 square meters of warehousing premises are located at the port.

The Nakhodka Trade Sea Port was founded on June 17, 1947. Today it is one of the oldest and largest enterprises in the city, employing more than one thousand five hundred people.

In 2001, the Nakhodka Trade Sea Port became part of EVRAZ.

EVRAZ NMTP has 16 bulk berths and 1 auxiliary berth for the port’s own fleet with a total berth length of 3.5 km. All berths are universal and can receive ships with drafts of up to 11 m, with lengths of up to 230 m, and with widths of up to 32 m. Today the port has the ability to moor 15 vessels simultaneously, and can handle more than 1,500 large ships annually. 

The company’s technical equipment includes dozens of port cranes of up to 40 tons in size, bridge cranes, an 84-ton mobile harbor crane, crane-trucks and loaders of various capacities. The port’s "Hercules-2" Floating Crane allows it to handle cargos of up to 300 tons and carry up to 900 tons, making the Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port the only one in the Far East with such capacity.

In 2015, the port handled 9.2 million tons of cargo. 

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