EVRAZ North America

EVRAZ North America is a leading steel manufacturer built on the pedigree of successful steel companies – formerly known as Oregon Steel, Rocky Mountain Steel and IPSCO. In 2016 EVRAZ North America produced more than 1.6 million tons of flat, long, and tubular steel products for major markets including infrastructure, defense, energy and rail.

The company is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and its six manufacturing facilities are located in Portland, Ore.; Regina, Saskatchewan; Pueblo, Colo.; Calgary, Camrose and Red Deer, Alberta. EVRAZ North America also has 18 fully-owned scrap operations throughout Canada and the United States.

In North America, EVRAZ is the No. 1 producer of rail, largest producer of large diameter (LD) pipe and a leading producer of steel plate. EVRAZ is the No. 1 producer of LD and small diameter (SD) pipe in Canada.


The EVRAZ Portland rolling mill was the first plate mill in North America to be ISO 9002 certified. With the unique capability to produce both discrete plate and coil in both custom and standard sizes, it offers our customers excellent quality in a full range of sizes and specifications. Conveniently located adjacent to the Rolling Mill, the EVRAZ Portland Spiral Pipe Mill converts steel coils from the rolling mill into high-strength, large-diameter API-grade pipe for high-pressure natural gas and oil transmission lines as well as for structural applications.


Established in 1881, EVRAZ Pueblo (then known as the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company or CF&I) helped to build the American west. Today, EVRAZ Pueblo produces the finest steel products available, including rail, seamless pipe, rod and coiled reinforcing bar.


The largest steel company in Western Canada, EVRAZ Regina (formerly a part of IPSCO Tubular) is a mini-mill recycling steel scrap and producing carbon steel slabs, flat rolled discrete plate and coil. The energy tubular product line has three major components – oil and gas well casing and tubing, small diameter line pipe and large diameter line pipe.


EVRAZ Camrose operates two pipe mills. The first is an electric-resistance-weld (ERW) mill that manufactures pipe and casing up to 16 inches in diameter. The second mill produces large-diameter pipe used for larger transmissions lines.


EVRAZ Calgary is an important supplier to the North American OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) energy market. This ERW pipe mill specializes in oil and gas well casing and tubing and heat treating.


The EVRAZ Red Deer is an ERW pipe mill producing small diameter OCTG & line pipe, and HSS products. This facility is a valued supplier in the energy tubular and industrial pipe markets in North America.