The coal mining facility is located on the Mezhegey Deposit in the center of Tyva, East Siberia. 

The deposit occupies the area of 48 square kilometers.  EVRAZ holds the license to develop two sections of Ulug-Khem coal basin in Tyva with the aggregate deposit amounting to 782.5 million tonnes of Zh-grade coal, a fat coal which is in short supply in the Russian coal market. At 1 July 2017 the deposit of the currently operated seam 2 was estimated at 88 million tonnes.

Mezhegeyugol is one of the most advanced coal mining facilities in Russia with the state-of-the-art equipment and production technology.  For instance, it is the first Russian mine to apply Caterpillar continuous miner. 

Mine construction started in 2011.  The total investment amounted to approximately USD200 million.

At the moment the deposit of seam 2 Ulug is mined by Board and Pillar process.  This is an advanced technology in which the mined material is extracted across a horizontal plane, creating horizontal arrays of rooms separated with pillars which support the roof. 

Mezhegeyugol mined 250 thousand tonnes of Zh-grade coal in 2015  as pre-production mining along with the construction of permanent underground roadways. Commercial production started in 2016, production volume estimated to 560 thousand tonnes, in 2017 - 904  thousand tonnes.