EVRAZ Set Up Production Of 100-meter Rails To European Standard

Date of publication: 20.12.2016

EVRAZ ZSMK has mastered production of European 60 Е1 rails in the length of 100 meters. Depending on the customer's choice the plant is capable of producing both raw and head-hardened rails.  EVRAZ is the first Russian company to start producing this kind of products.

"EVRAZ is flexible and adaptive to customers' requests and is ready to offer a wide range of rail products in various lengths from six to one hundred meters, – remarks Ilya Shirokobrod, EVRAZ Vice President, Sales and Logistics. – We are also improving the logistics to extend the geography of supplies."

60 Е1 rails are intended for mixed traffic and can be used for both passenger and cargo transportation. They respond to the strictest requirements to geometry and straightness, demonstrate high durability and wear resistance. This length provides for additional safety as welded joints remain the most fragile section of the track.

EVRAZ ZSMK is currently able to produce eight European rail sections.  60 Е1 rails are the first European section produced at the plant in the length of 100 meters.  Previously 100-meter rails were only offered for domestic market.




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