EVRAZ Builds a New Blast Furnace at NTMK

Date of publication: 14.07.2016

EVRAZ NTMK has announced the start of a new blast furnace construction project. A symbolic plate was laid into the foundation of the unit during a Steelworker’s Day celebration ceremony.

"We continue to invest in the development of our steel production in Nizhny Tagil, despite the unfavorable market situation,” – said Maxim Andriasov, EVRAZ Vice-President and the Head of the Urals Division. – “The construction of a new blast furnace No. 7 is an alternative to the halt of the blast furnace No. 6 for the first category repair. It will give us an opportunity to maintain the production of pig iron at EVRAZ NTMK at 5 million tons per year."

The volume of the new furnace will amount to 2,200 m3 with the production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes of pig iron per year. The blast furnace will have two fully enclosed casting yards, automated systems of furnace filling and external cooling, high capacity aspiration systems and stoves. Every tap spout near tap holes will be equipped with over-head exhaust hoods and efficient bag filters, which will improve air filtration by 2.5 times. Upgraded design of the main slag discharge runner will prevent the leak of close-circuit water. The introduction of the new technologies will help to significantly reduce the impact on the environment and will improve labor conditions in the blast furnace shop.

Currently, two blast furnaces No. 5 and No. 6 with effective volume of 2,200 m3 each are in operation at EVRAZ NTMK. Both are known as the most high-productive and efficient in Russia and in Europe.

The company's investments in the construction of the new blast furnace will not exceed $170 million, the bulk of investments is planned for 2017-2018.









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