Shareholder Structure

As of16January2013 EVRAZ plc ("the Company") ordinary share capital is represented by 1,472,582,366 ordinary shares with a nominal value of US$1 each.

EVRAZ Group S.A. is now wholly owned by EVRAZ plc. The Company's issued ordinary share capital ranks pari passu in all respects and carries the right to receive all dividends and distributions declared, made or paid on or in respect of the ordinary shares.

Major Shareholders

As of7 February 2013

Number of Shares% of Issued Share Capital
Lanebrook Ltd.*934,440,55663.46%
Lanebrook Ltd. Affiliates42,870,6142.91%
Kadre Enterpises Ltd.**83,751,8275.69%
Verocchio Enterprises Ltd.***82,887,0145.63%
Total Issued1,472,582,366

*Lanebrook Ltd. (The Major Shareholder) is a limited liability company which was incorporated under the laws of Cyprus on 16 March 2006. It is an investment vehicle established for the specific purpose of acquiring a majority interest in the EVRAZ Group, which comprises the large majority of its assets.The Major Shareholder is controlled by Mr. Abramovich, Mr. Abramov, Mr. Frolov and Mr. Shvidler.
**Includes shares heldby Mr. Kozovoy, Kadre's shareholder,both indirectly through Kadre and directly.
*** Verocchio Ltd. is a company owned by Mr. Alexander Vagin.

The Company is aware of the following ultmate beneficial owners who have an interest in three percent or more of EVRAZ plc share capital (in each case, exceptfor Mr. Kozovoy,held indirectly):

Ultimate Beneficial OwnerNumber of Ordinary Shares% of Issued Share Capital
Mr. Roman Abramovich456,310,73630.99%
Mr. Alexander Abramov317,300,48821.55%
Mr. Alexander Frolov158,442,91510.76%
Mr. Gennady Kozovoy*83,751,8275.69%
Mr. Alexander Vagin82,887,0145.63%
Mr. Eugene Shvidler45,257,0313.07%

* Includes sharesheld directly