Capital investments

2015 total CAPEX  is $428 mln

Key investment projects:

1. Ball mill construction at EVRAZ NTMK

Support of EVRAZ's strategic position in the grinding balls' market 

Status: Underway

CAPEX - US$22 million

2. Expansion of Sheregesh mine

Status: commissioning of the horizon +115 m with a new production technology.

Increase of raw iron ore output to 4.8 Mtpa in 2018

CAPEX - US$75.2 million

3. Northern quarry (EVRAZ KGOK) expansion

Status: Stage one completed

Expansion of production of up to 30 mtpa in 2018

CAPEX - US$19.9 million

4. Regina steel mill upgrades

Status: Proceeding on-schedule

Install a vacuum degasser, upgrade rolling mill, down coiler and cooling bed in Regina

CAPEX - US$149 million

5. New LDP mill in Regina

Status: Proceeding on-schedule

Install a two-step LDP in Regina

CAPEX - US$73 million

6. Development of Mezhegey coal deposit (Tyva, Russia)

Status:construction completed, launch of longwall mining

CAPEX - US$176 million

7. Raspadskaya-Koksovaya - launch of K-grade mining

Status: In progress

CAPEX - US$28 million